how Virtual Reality is changing our lives

Is Virtual Reality Changing our Lives?

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Changing the Learning Process

Education has been evolving immensely from its early days to the present. Technology has a great role to play on this ongoing journey. One of the things that is changing the teaching and learning process is VR (Virtual Reality).

While the main purpose of transmitting knowledge remains the same, the way teachers and students gather, access, present and transfer information is changing.


The Art of Experiencing 

The incorporation of this technology in the classroom changes the whole concept of learning by introducing a real-time visual element. Teachers can now take their students on virtual reality trips to virtually anywhere, without leaving the classroom.

With VR students learn by experience, not from a text not even from a documentary, but from actually being there. VR means we can learn about space by virtually being in space, about dinosaurs by virtually seeing them. This enhances the connection between concepts and information much better than simply reading.


A Harbinger of Change in the Gaming Industry

When taking about VR in leisure we need to talk about gaming. It is no longer a dream to be able to fight with your game avatar just with your real body movements. More than in any other industry, VR came as a harbinger of change in the gaming industry.

VR games are growing in popularity other game niches where game environment plays an important role are soon going to be transported to VR. Therefore we may soon see things such as VR casinos, VR e-sports games or VR social games; in which gamers will be able to virtually interact will their peers inside a virtually created environment.

Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality 

Moreover, VR and AR will stop being two separate technologies and will merge in order to offer a deeper, more real experience in which you may not need a VR headset anymore.

Gaming will become a completely immersive experience merging real and game environments. It would be accurate to say that this combination will soon become an everywhere gaming-reality, blurring the division between reality and game environments further.


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