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Millennials: Smartphone Generation

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Smartphone Super-Users

It is well known that millennials are mobile super-users and according to the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) research, 94% of Gen Z and 84% of Millennials own a smartphone. But how do millennials spend these so many hours on their devices?


Digital Generation

Millennials prioritise social over other forms of media. Marketing wise, they are more likely to adopt new buying methods such as online shopping. Therefore, it’s more popular amongst millennials to buy on ASOS or Zara through their smartphone instead of going to a physical store. 


Ditching Traditional Platforms 

Most media they consume it’s through their smartphones and tablets as well; consuming less and less by the traditional TV and Radio. There are platforms such as Youtube, Netflix or Amazon Video that allow millennials to consume audiovisual content and share it on social media in real time. This goes well with the millennial tendency of living in the moment and posting about it straight away.


Apps Millennials Can’t Live Without

Interestingly, according to a studio conducted by comScore; there’s one app millennials can’t live live without. Surprisingly it’s not Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat thought they follow up closely. More than a third of 18-34 years old say the can’t go without Amazon, according to comScore’s 2017 US Mobile App Report.



Value Functional Apps

Millennials spend a lot of their time on social media and using their smartphone to communicate with their peers. But they also recognise and value the importance of more functional apps such as Amazon, Gmail or Google Maps. Apps which they use as frequently as their social media and communication apps.



In conclusion, Millennials rely on apps for virtually everything (calling an Uber, playing games like PokemonGo or searching for a place to Eat). They are a Digital generation making full use of their smartphones and the apps available to them.



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