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Are we more addicted to our Mobile in 2017?

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Today, it is common to hear that people are on their mobile phone “all the time”. First thing most people check in the morning and last thing checked before going to bed. Even when going for a coffee with a friend we seem unable to let go off this so well embedded in our lives devices. But how much time do actually people spend on their mobile phones in 2017?


eMarketer released a study in 2016 that reports a total time spent on  our mobiles is  4 h per day.



Another study, conducted by Flurry Analytics, shows U.S. consumers actually spend over 5 h a day on mobile devices.



We can say that approximately people spend 4h per day on their mobiles in 2017; this is as much as 1 day per week. And how are we spending those many hours on our phones? Well, we do pretty much everything on our phones nowadays: entertainment, connect with friends, stay informed, shop, etc.

According to a report from Deloitte, smartphones enable people to keep tags of what’s happening. For some people FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) leaves them in the grip of an addiction to their smartphones.

Here are the results that Deloitte came up with to these questions:

Do you think you use your mobile phone too much, or not?



In which situations do you think you use your mobile phone too much?



Human behaviour has been defined in recent years by the urge of the pursuit of pleasure. The smartphone satisfies this need in a readily portable form, which for many, never leaves their side.

However, Paul Lee, head of technology, media and telecommunications research at Deloitte says ¨this overuse is a temporary thing driven by the relative newness of smartphones.¨


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