How Consumers Feel About Facial Recognition

How Consumers Feel About Facial Recognition

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With the introduction of iPhone X Apple have now put the not-so-new facial recognition in the spotlight. By introducing this new feature on their new phone they are aiming to make it part of peoples’ daily lives. Their aim to embed it in our routines which will eventually lead to consumers unlocking our phones and paying with this feature.


Bold Decision

The same way as they did with making the decision of killing the Headphones Jack. Apple is ditching the Touch ID in favour of a Facial Recognition System. This system is powered by a new camera array and a specially modified A11 chip. It is a big bet, but one that may very well pay off.  The decision might pave the way for easier-to-use, more secure biometric technology in all kinds of phones.


Facial Recognition Arousing Contradictory Opinions

Everybody is talking about this new iPhone and its new features. Opinions about it are contradictory. Morning Consult’s survey of US Internet users in September 2017 showed that 34% of respondents had a favourable view of facial recognition software in personal devices. In contrast, 39% of those felt the opposite way,  over 26% said they either weren’t sure how they felt or had no opinion about it.


Valuing Privacy Above All

The use of this new technology that Apple presents to consumers has been raising serious questions about surveillance and user privacy. Apple has already said that they won’t send faceprint data to the cloud. They will treat faces the same way they treated fingerprints. They have pitched their commitment to privacy in the past and they seem genuinely uninterested in data collection and mass targeting the way some other tech companies do. However, they are presenting a powerful new toy and it is impossible not to wonder how it will evolve and how it will affect our lives.



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