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The Power Of Brand Storytelling

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What is Emotional Branding?

Storytelling is an example of what marketing strategists call “emotional branding”. A good, well-devised story provides an authentic insight into the brand and allows people to feel and identify with it. Customers define themselves through brands they use and with storytelling brands create a strong personal connection with its customers. Therefore the brands’ story needs to be true to their values. By creating a story true to your values you will automatically get to the audience you are aiming for. You will not only inspire them but also attract and convert them.

In order to do that you need to know:

               – What type of brand are you?

               – What inspires you?

               – Why are you doing what you are doing?

               – Why will people care about that? 


The power of  Storytelling 

To stand out from the crowd and build a successful brand, you need to connect with people on an emotional level. That’s what stories do best.

Stories make us feel something, this is universal and it crosses cultural and language barriers. Their true power lies in their ability to move us, to help us understand ourselves, to motivate us and to change us. A good story will reach your audience better than any impressively devised advertising campaign. Human behaviour is mainly driven by emotions and empathy.  Therefore by creating and telling the true brand’s story, you will reach your target audience more profoundly and deeply. You’ll create an empathic connection and you’ll secure true brand loyalty.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to convey ideas. A story stays in your head and provokes feelings towards it. Many major brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple and Nike provide us with great examples of how effective brand storytelling can be.



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