Developing a consistent, aligned brand identity is an extremely important factor and can be the difference between success & failure. Effective branding is often a major differentiator between a company & their competitor, and is an enabler to build a reputation and communicate values and beliefs to consumers.

Hampshire Global Group

Hampshire Global Group are a UK based Wealth Management firm whose focus is grounded in becoming the first port of call for managing the portfolios of Sub-saharan African, Middle East, American & European Investors who wish to foray into the lucrative UK market. Incorporated in 2015 HGG also stand as a marquee contact for UK Investors who wish to hold a valuable stake in the World’s fastest growing economy.

Anthony Odogwu

Anthony Odogwu is a serial Entrepreneur, Visionary & Polymath (known for expertise in more than one field). Anthony is the Founder/CEO of Future Space Technologies – London’s premier Digital Creative Agency that specialises in design/development of Mobile Apps, Social Media & Brand Management. Anthony Odogwu is a Winner of the Sony Mobile Technology Enterprise Award along with other recognized enterprise achievements.

Wise Collective

Wise Collective is a independent quintessential streetwear clothing brand founded in 2015 in Europe‘s taste making city, London. Wise Collective represents the stylish, innovative, fashionable trendsetter whos ambition is to stand out from the crowd. Without compromising on quality Wise Collective continues to immerse itself in urban culture, style & music.

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