5 Facts that Define How Millennials Work

5 Facts that Define How Millennials Work

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1. Work is not an obligation

Millennials know they need to pay their bills but they rather do it with a job they like. This is not as strange as it sounds nowadays. They invented lots of existing jobs related to the digital world. This is due to their knowledge of the digital market, hence they were born in the digital era. Millennials are comfortable with the jobs they create as it’s fuelled by their passion. Working in order to make loads of money is not among millennial priorities; on the contrary, they rather earn less money but feel happier about their jobs.

2. They are a digitally social generation

Getting paid for spending time browsing the web sounded like the craziest idea over a decade ago. Today, it is a strong reality. Companies know they need to position themselves on the internet and on social networks to be seen, to be talked about and mainly to exist. Millennials know the digital social world better than anyone and this puts them in the spotlight for many companies as a potential workforce.

3. Strong with languages 

It is common among millennials to speak more than one language fluently. They are creating a new way of communication by changing languages (incorporating new words, abbreviating words, changing the meaning of words, etc.) Also, their tech-savvy skills especially helps them with programming languages, with memes and the emoji language. They constantly use these different types of languages on social media to communicate with their peers.

4. They want a good network of connections

Millennials are a digital generation but that doesn’t make them less social. On the contrary, they are more social. They way they socialize has changed if we compare it with the older traditional ways. But their expertise with communications, technology, and languages allows them to socialize beyond their physical surroundings which reduces boundaries and increases friend networks. Millennials look for jobs that allow them to expand their contacts, jobs that allow them to be digitally social with different sorts of people.

5. Work, travel and experience the world

Millennials love travelling and today that doesn’t stop them from working. In a world where it is very easy to be connected, the strict traditional work timetables are beginning to fade. Although this might look a less efficient way to work, truth is it’s quite the opposite. A millennial can solve a work problem at any time from practically anywhere by just being connected to the internet, a tablet or even a smartphone. Traditionally, a problem happening outside working hours would have to wait for the next day to be solved. Not being constrained to a strict working schedule also makes millennials more creative. It also opens up their possibilities when it comes to combine leisure and work activities. Ultimately, it makes them manage their time more efficiently.



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